Engagement with Castro Has Clearly Failed -- Time to Try an Embargo

"Gosh, maybe if we were only nice to Castro," goes the liberal mantra on Cuba. In fact, the U.S. elite's fetish for "engagement" with Fidel Castro began before he was even in "office.""Me and my staff were all Fidelistas." (Robert Reynolds, the CIA's "Caribbean Desk's specialist on the Cuban Revolution" from 1957-1960.)"Everyone in the CIA and everyone at State was pro-Castro, except [Republican] ambassador Earl Smith." (CIA operative in Santiago Cuba, Robert Weicha.)Their advice was taken, and January 7, 1959, thus marks a milestone in U.S. diplomatic history. Never before had the State Department extended diplomatic recognition to a Latin American government as quickly as they bestowed this benediction on Fidel Castro's that day.Nothing so frantically fast had been bestowed upon "U.S.-backed" Fulgencio Batista (note the obligatory prefix, used in every MSM and "scholarly" mention of him) seven years...(Read Full Article)