Does 'Barely True' Mean True?

I've been truth-checked. The St. Petersburg Times fact-checked my piece on the cost of the Iraq War. Actually, it fact-checked Mark Tapscott's quote in the Washington Examiner based on my article."Obama's stimulus, passed in his first month in office, will cost more than the entire Iraq War." The bottom-line on the Times' Fact-O-Meter? "Barely True."Considering the source, that's pretty good. "Barely true" is still true. But I think the Times actually bolstered my case. Let me review the scoring.First, the numbers I used came straight from a Congressional Budget Office report. The totals were $709B for the Iraq War and $814B for the stimulus. So far, so good: stimulus ahead.But the Times noted that the war numbers were for 2003-2010, and the stimulus numbers were for 2009-2019 -- inflation must be accounted for. The Times did that accounting and adjusted the numbers to $756B to $820B. So far, the stimulus is still ahead.Then the Times noted that the...(Read Full Article)