Clarice's Pieces: Requiem for a Heavyweight

Nancy Pelosi rode into the speakership on a theme of ending what she called the "Culture of Corruption," suggesting that she was going to get out her broom and clean it up. As wealthy as she is, the thought of her cleaning house was always amusing. She is likely to be ousted from the speakership in November on a tsunami of voter revulsion. Speaker Pelosi will probably be remembered as much for the gloating parade through protesting Tea Partiers with a giant gavel in her hand to celebrate the passage of Obamacare, which, as much as anything, has inspirited the voters to pitch her and her party from power as soon as possible. It is unlikely Nancy with a broom in hand will be her pictorial legacy.The Democratic march to the majority in both houses was aided through the slander of two congressmen and one senator: Congressmen Mark Foley (falsely accused but cleared of having engaged in pedophilia with House pages), Congressman Tom Delay (indicted by Texas Prosecutor Ronnie Earle...(Read Full Article)