Clarice's Pieces: Long Hot Summer

Faced with a rising crime rate, unending social costs of a porous border with Mexico, and unlimited numbers of illegal immigrants crossing it to take advantage of Arizona's largesse, that state sought a reasonable solution. It passed a law which tracked federal immigration: Those arrested for crimes needed to establish their right to be on U.S. soil, and if they didn't, the federal authorities would be notified and custody turned over to them for deportation upon completion of any sentence for violation of state laws.Following his pattern of impolitic moves, the Attorney General sued to enjoin the operation of the Arizona law, asserting federal preemption and claiming that the Arizona law would create too much work for (overburden) federal officials. A few days ago, at the conclusion of the injunction hearing, it looked like the Department of Justice had lost that suit. Federal District Court Judge Bolton said that the government had failed to meet its burden of proof for the...(Read Full Article)