Clarice's Pieces: From Cordoba to Marbella

The no-good, horrible, terrible week for the credentialed morons.Newton believed that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and while he was observing physical phenomenon, the same can be said this week of American politics.If last week signaled this was going to be a long, hot summer, this week reminded me to start advertising more widely my new business venture: provisioning sharpened pikes at the gates of D.C.Credentialed morons in Congress, with the president's urging, rammed down our throats a massive restructuring of our medical system, bribing, arm-twisting, playing fast and loose with the rules and the truth. And overreaching jurists, with an imperial sense of there being no limits to their power under the Constitution, continued jabbing their thumbs in the electorate's eyes. Last summer's town halls quickly morphed into the Tea Party movement and, in turn, into open rebellion by states and voters alike. Through all of this, the political class, locked in...(Read Full Article)