Back to the Classroom

Another conservative teacher here, stepping up to the plate! It has been good recently to see teachers speaking up on American Thinker. I believe that our public education system will not be repaired until teachers speak truthfully and publicly about their own classrooms. Like the ICE union members, they must protest the travesty that has been made of their calling.  How bad are public schools? Much worse than most people realize. So bad that they blight the futures of the young people in them. So bad that if we don't turn back the clock to real education, we will most certainly lose our republic.   It is a sad irony that of the various damaged institutions weighing down our country today -- the courts, the media, the universities, and so on -- schools, perhaps the most ravaged, are also the closest to the people. Everyone knows a student, most people know a teacher, and most people have been students and are currently paying for schools. Yet in spite of this and in...(Read Full Article)