America's Slipping Grasp on Self-Governance

One of the main grievances cited in the Declaration of Independence was King George's complete disregard of the people's will. As the Declaration asserts, the colonists' "repeated petitions [were] answered only by repeated injury." These words echo throughout America today.Arizona (and most of America) "petitioned" for a secure southern border. Those requests were met with proposals of so-called comprehensive immigration reform. After the public stopped the 2007 amnesty bill, a seemingly repentant Congress promised to build hundreds of miles of double-layered border fence. The lion's share of the fence was meant to disrupt the high-volume human-trafficking areas along the Arizona-Mexico border. It was a start.Unfortunately, the start never started. After delays due to land "surveying," the border fence has been mostly defunded and forgotten. Petitions over the federal government's failure to follow through were met with only token promises of extra...(Read Full Article)