The Ruling Class Tosses Americans Overboard

The saga of Senator John Kerry's  $ 7 million sailing yacht  tied up on the Newport waterfront in the tax haven of Rhode Island proved again how adept Democrats are at spending other people's money. This time the $7 million was presumably spent from his wife's inherited fortune. But the larger story here isn't about tax havens.  And it isn't about hypocrisy. And it's far less about trophy wives with trust funds.  It's not even about being a lifelong leech working  in government jobs sucking the blood out of beleaguered taxpayers. It's about the increasing distance and disconnects between the governing class and everybody else.  It's about abandoning American workers and deliberately staying out of touch with and out of reach from everyday people.$7 million is a lot of dough.  Easily more than twice what the vast majority of Americans will earn over their entire lifetimes. And those modest earning prospects are slipping away as two out of ten...(Read Full Article)