Squandering the Stimulus

Appalling amounts of money are being wasted on projects dependant on subsidies for their survival, while the Commander in Chief gives speeches pretending it is all working splendidly.Obama's "Summer of Recovery" tour struts through the US in full swagger, despite calls that we are on the precipice of a third depression, a stunningly poor jobs report in June, and the IMF complaining that there may be a double-dip in the housing market, bank lending remains troubled and Obama's dysfunctional spending habits are creating fiscal tumult.  The strategy behind Obama's latest stimulus sales pitch goes like this; a large portion of the stimulus funding is about to be spent this summer and Obama, like Superman, plans on swooping down upon various stimulus funded projects to declare, as only a President as arrogant as Obama can, that his policies have saved the day.  In truth, the "Summer of Recovery" is nothing more than a political ploy that was built in to the...(Read Full Article)