Somewhere over the Wind Farm

Somewhere over the wind farm, way up high, there's a land full of oil, so why did the industry die?The oil patch has always had its ups and downs, but it has always provided well-paying jobs to a wide array of employees. From divers to doodelbuggers, technicians to toolpushers, geoscientists to general counsel, cooks get the picture. While the oil patch has always been a scapegoat for greed, high gas prices, and overall inflation, it is now under threat of extinction. Environmental fascists and an ideological government, with help from an uninformed public, using overblown threats of planetary disaster, are the predatory warriors.  Increased government regulation; removal of tax breaks, especially those enjoyed by other industries; restrictions on offshore and onshore drillable acreage; and windfall profits taxes will make it impossible for many private-sector exploration companies to function. Many would argue that the push for cleaner energy will, as Obama put it,...(Read Full Article)