Palin's Potential Path to the White House Parallels Obama's

In looking for a comparison to Sarah Palin as a presidential contender, few would ever consider Barack Obama, yet beneath their political differences are some striking strategic parallels. When the Federal Election Commission released the quarterly filings of Sarah Palin's political action committee last week, a new round of speculation about whether the former Alaska governor is positioning herself to run for president began among pundits, journalists, and the chattering class. The mainstream media often dismisses Palin's chances of winning the presidency, but doing so ignores her closeness to where then-Senator Obama stood entering the 2006 midterm elections. Her potential path to the White House would resemble the one Obama took. By any measure, a simple comparison of their ascendancies shows how strategically Palin is positioned to ride the brewing discontent at Obama's reckless fiscal policies to become the nation's first female president, just like Obama rode the anti-Bush and...(Read Full Article)