Obama's Backwardness

Barack Obama is leading our nation backwards into chaos parallel to the early years of 20th-century Russia. In the early 20th century, Bolshevik revolutionaries led by Vladimir Lenin pieced together a bureaucratic authority that quickly developed into a totalitarian government.Barack Obama is laying the foundation step by step for a superstructure not unlike the apparatus by which the Soviet Union functioned. The bureaucratization of America is an attack on capitalism, the free market, the private sector, and ultimately private property ownership.Obama, like Lenin, imposed government on the people and will systematically dismantle personal freedom. As more and more of the private sector is regulated and controlled by big government, all categories of society will fall under the umbrella of one central authority.Lenin imposed upon Russia a Decree on the Suppression of Hostile Newspapers justifying a series of measures to stop all of the press that spoke out against the...(Read Full Article)