My Black Dad & Obama

I am a black tea party patriot faced with a serious problem concerning my 83-year-old father. Dad is an extraordinary man whose life epitomizes the greatness of America. In the '50s, married with a wife and three kids and employed as a laborer, Dad was among the first blacks to break the color barrier into the Baltimore Fire Dept. The white firefighters treated Dad like scum and boldly displayed their displeasure with having an "n" in their firehouse. Dad was the young associate pastor of a storefront church. He treated his "haters" with love and strove to be the best Christian and firefighter he could be. Dad won "Firefighter of the Year" two times and eventually the respect and admiration of his white fellow firefighters. A white firefighter who once threatened to punch Dad in his "black nose" risked his life by going back into a burning building to save Dad. The two firefighters became lifelong friends. While married with a wife and five...(Read Full Article)