Immigration, Reconsidered

While the Obama administration has chosen the southern side in the Mexican-Arizonan border war, most Americans stand with their countrymen. They are troubled by the strain illegals place on services, the drugs and thugs moving north, and blue-collar job prospects moving south. Then there is another factor: the political and cultural one.  It's well known that, should amnesty be granted to the 12 to 30 million illegals living among us, Barack Obama and his fellow travelers would capture virtually all their votes. Moreover, given the illegals' allegiance to their homelands and today's multiculturalist message, it's clear that even if they do learn English, "assimilation" won't be high on their vocabulary list. Thus, amnesty not only would radically transform the political landscape, but it would also constitute a cultural tsunami. Even pundit Bill O'Reilly recognizes this, saying a couple of years ago (I'm paraphrasing), "If all the illegal aliens are granted...(Read Full Article)