Free Market Obama

Now he tells us. He's been reading Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman instead of playing golf and shooting hoops, as reported by the press. While no one was looking, he's been downloading podcasts of the Glenn Beck show and checking out on his iPad. He's a born-again free-marketer, supply-sider, and friend of business large and small. That's the freely translated gist of President Obama's July 9 speech at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Who would have known it? It is Obama who, as he "said in the campaign" and as he "repeated many times as President," thinks that the private sector is "the greatest generator of jobs in America." The "mess" we've gotten into is not his fault -- it's the fault of that commie-socialist George W. Bush. If Bush had cut taxes and government regulation the way Obama has been doing, we would have never have fallen into a recession to begin with.Not so long ago, Obama declared that "greedy...(Read Full Article)