Federal Failure and Arizona

Now that the federal government has formally filed suit to block Arizona's efforts to identify illegal aliens, the emotional rhetoric that has controlled the debate should take a backseat to reality. The Justice Department claims that Arizona has usurped the federal government's authority over immigration and naturalization (U.S. Const., Art. I, Sect. 8) and the Constitution's supremacy clause (Art. VI).Odd how Washington becomes concerned with the constitutional delegation of authority only when federal power is challenged. There was little interest in the Constitution's assigned powers when Congress passed the health care bill. Constitutional authority isn't mentioned when card check is debated, or when Social Security and Medicare are discussed. However, despite its disdain for the document by which it is supposed to abide, the federal government seems to be on solid constitutional footing this time.Congress has the authority to "establish an uniform rule of...(Read Full Article)