Character and the American Ruling Class

Angelo Codevilla, in a seminal article entitled "America's Ruling Class" published in the American Spectator, goes into great and accurate detail about the evolution of the current ruling class in the United States and its devastating impact on the country.A ruling class has been and will always be a part of any society due to the fundamental nature of the human race. The most dominant trait mankind has, as do all living creatures, is an innate desire to survive and prosper. While some may willingly choose to pursue subsistence on their own terms, for the vast majority, the path of least resistance is preferred, thus people are very open to the concept of a central authority providing them with the means of livelihood.A secondary characteristic of the human race, again shared by other species, is the need by some within the group to conquer or maintain control over their fellow man. Thus, a ruling class is born. However, down through the centuries, this trait has been taken...(Read Full Article)