Carbon Cronyism: Why Cap-and-Trade Is Not Dead Yet

This past weekend, while addressing the Netroots convention in Las Vegas, Senator Harry Reid gave the gathering of lefties a promise regarding U.S. health care. "We're going to have a public option," Reid said. "It's just a question of when."The same thing can be said of a cap-and-trade energy bill: The Democrats are determined to get cap-and-trade. It's just a question of when. There's too much money to be made for Democrat cronies to let this opportunity pass.Nancy Pelosi pushed the original 1,200-page cap-and-trade bill though the House of Representatives a year ago. I have written extensively about the innards of the legislation both in my book, Climategate, and in the pages of the American Thinker. Given the mood of the people, it's unlikely that a similar monster of a bill could pass the Senate this session. However a scaled down version with some so-called compromises just might.The compromises will be creative and designed to lure enough Republicans and...(Read Full Article)