Bringing Home Incivility

Don't be fooled by the schoolmarm looks of Elaine Marshall, North Carolina's Secretary of State and the Democratic Party's nominee this year for U.S. Senate. She's a dangerous person. She's also part of a trend from the statist left.As North Carolina's Secretary of State, Ms. Marshall oversees all sorts of filings for elections, business, charities, and lobbying. Her office controls the issuance of many different types of licenses. Arguably, she's the state's most powerful bureaucrat.Some of the dangers of information collected and controlled by secretaries of state were at issue in a case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 24, Doe v. Reed, Washington Secretary of State. That case involved a petition for a referendum against gay marriage. To get a referendum on the ballot, four percent of Washington voters must sign a petition and provide their home addresses. The petitions are then submitted to the Secretary of State.Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed determined the names...(Read Full Article)