'Avant-Garde Sustainability Curriculum' to Replace Three R's at Nation's Oldest High School

A recent Boston Globe story reveals the destructive effects that Al Gore and global warming activists are having on American education. According to the story,[A]fter a screening of "An Inconvenient Truth'' three years ago, [students in the Youth Climate Action Network] started brainstorming ideas for transforming the nation's oldest public school into an energy-efficient building with an avant-garde sustainability curriculum.Boston Latin is not some radical alternative private school; it is the city's preeminent public high school and the nation's oldest school, founded in 1635, one year before Harvard, with an all-star list of former pupils that includes Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. BLS is consistently ranked one of the nation's best high schools, with a mission to "ground its students in a contemporary classical education." Admission to BLS is based solely on academic performance: standardized test results plus grade point average.The Youth...(Read Full Article)