Why do the Left want to kill Margaret Thatcher?

When an elected Member of the British Parliament reveals that he wishes he had the opportunity to go back in time and assassinate a former (but still living) Prime Minister, one would think that members of his own party would immediately condemn him, and that he would be promptly ejected from the party.  Yet, when Labour MP John McDonnell said this week to an audience of union members that he would like to go back in time to 1980 and assassinate Margaret Thatcher, he was greeted not with derision but with a loud round of applause. There has been no reaction from the Labour leadership.Indeed, what makes this incident all the more disturbing is that McDonnell is no fringe backbencher.  He is in fact a candidate for the Labour leadership, making him a potential future Prime Minister.  Even worse is that McDonnell made his comments when surrounded by four of the five other candidates for the position, none of whom objected to his desire to kill a democratically elected...(Read Full Article)