Snips and Snails in Sarwan Qala

"What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails." That 19th-century nursery rhyme fills the reader with visions of dirty faces, backwards baseball caps, toothless grins, and pockets loaded down with snips, snails, and tails. The poem encapsulates the immense source of pleasure a little boy can bring to the world just by being a boy.Fresh out of first grade, seven-year-olds can tell time, are beginning to read, can perform a respectable somersault, and are more aware of the world around them. In America, boys are fitted with helmets before learning to ride a two-wheeler, love to go to the batting range to practice hitting sliders, and are expert at playing "Animal Crossing" on Nintendo DS.Seven-year-old boys may act tough, but they are known to fret and can be fearful, especially at night. According to child development experts, boys of seven are "often afraid of the dark[, and] a flashlight by the bed is a great comfort." Around that...(Read Full Article)