Pelosi's Crooked Catholicism

Few would have guessed it, but Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become quite the outspoken Catholic. In last month's Catholic Community Conference in Washington, she testified that amnesty for illegal aliens would be a "manifestation of our living the Gospels," and that our legislative paths should be paved by the concepts found in the word of God. Specifically, she alluded to the scriptural reference of Jesus Christ, the embodiment of "the Word made flesh."But Pelosi's legislative record does not suggest there is any truth to this spiritual proclamation. She has actually been one of the biggest obstacles to the passing of legislation supported by Christian doctrine, and it takes only a brief glance at Pelosi's history to deduce that this speech was just lip service to a group of people that would find such notions agreeable. There have been many occasions on which Pelosi has failed to protect Christian values when she has had the ability to do so.  Take, for...(Read Full Article)