Barack Obama's Day Off

So is it “Bueller, Bueller” or “Obama, Obama?”  It's turning out that Barack Obama isn't just the nation's 44th president. Mr. Obama is also the nation's first Ferris Bueller president, whose day off started on January 20 last year and runs through the same day in 2013. But Mr. Obama's hijinx aren't nearly as amusing as Ferris Bueller's. In fact, Mr. Obama's class-cutting and shenanigans are doing a lot of harm to the country.  The Obama presidency, unlike Ferris Bueller's Day Off, isn't going to end so happily.Evidence of latent Buellerism in the person of Barack Obama abounds. Take more recently the Gulf oil spill. As the gooey stuff belched to the ocean surface, as it spread in ever-widening reddish-brown circles, as it threatened coastlines and bayous, Mr. Obama showed no sense of urgency. We're left scratching our heads over how Mr. Obama could be shooting hoops and golfing and flitting about when plenty of ground time in Louisiana and along...(Read Full Article)