An Ode to Citizen Journalists

Why are newspapers published?Simple question, right? But there is one group of (theoretically) educated people who, when asked, find themselves at a loss.  I know what I'm talking about: During my thirty years in journalism, I've interviewed dozens of candidates who were hoping to be hired as a reporter or editor.  I asked each one: Why are newspapers published? In thirty years, no recent graduate of a journalism school has known the answer.  This isn't a trick question. Candidates coming in from other fields mostly knew the answer, though they sometimes hedged their bets, trying to guess what I wanted to hear.  But those who had been formally, laboriously studying the industry were simply baffled.That's why I've been so pleased in recent years to hear so many people step up to criticize the media and point out the liberal bias that so thoroughly pervades it.  When I took my first job at a newspaper, I was a 22-year-old liberal. But within two years, I was...(Read Full Article)