A Bridge Too Far?

According to Fred Barnes at The Weekly Standard, the Obamis are planning a lame-duck session of Congress, "filled with defeated and retired senators and House members," to pass a VAT (value-added tax).Liberals know that they get a chance to enact progressive legislation only once in a generation. That's when the cycle of politics throws up a liberal majority in Congress, and liberals have the votes to cram down their agenda. That's why President Obama is in such a hurry, eager to jam down liberal legislation in the teeth of popular opposition. I call it the ratchet.In the 1900s, liberals got to do a ratchet on popular election of senators, the income tax, and central banking. They got to do a ratchet on financial regulation, pro-labor legislation, Social Security, and welfare in the 1930s. Only the NRA wage and price controls got repealed. They got to do civil rights and ratchet the war on poverty and environment in the 1960s. Only one welfare program out of 79 got repealed...(Read Full Article)