Update from Cochise County, Arizona

I had hardly received word from the editor that my first report from southeast Arizona would be published before more excitement occurred here -- this time even closer to home. Saturday morning, the headlines in all the area papers covered the shooting of a Pinal County Deputy by drug smugglers. The reports indicated that the officer was ambushed by drug smugglers using AK-47 rifles. How do we know these things? This time, the ambush failed and the officer survived.  But there is a lot of news in this report that destroys the liberal reports of those grandmothers crossing the border so they can make beds in cheap hotels. First, the Sheriff called it an ambush. This destroys the idea that drug violence has not crossed the border. Next, the drug runners used AK-47s. Last time I checked (and my military training confirmed this), the AK-47 was made in Russia by Kalashnikov. But what happened to all those reports of American guns going south to the drug cartels? Perhaps that is...(Read Full Article)