The Senator from Sandy Berger

In 1934, "Boss" Tom Pendergast handpicked a Jackson County administrative judge to be the next United States senator from Missouri, and for the next ten years Harry Truman wore the tag, "The Senator from Pendergast."Truman began to find his own footing after Pendergast was shipped off to nearby Leavenworth in 1939, but until then, he pretty much carried Pendergast's water in Washington.Should Democrat Joe Sestak be elected the next United States senator from Pennsylvania -- he beat Arlen Specter handily on Tuesday -- he might best be known as the "Senator from Sandy Berger." Sestak owes his political career to Berger.  Were there any justice in Washington, Berger would himself be in Leavenworth, and for crimes far more damaging than any Pendergast ever committed.In the way of background, according to the New York Times, Berger served as "the point man for the [Clinton] White House's China policy." That policy, unfortunately, had more to do...(Read Full Article)