The Problems with Al Gore

There are two problems with Al Gore. First, he's a demagogue who lacks an appreciation for the ethics and methods of science. Second, he's a not a scientist, but a celebrity and politician who does not understand the technical aspects of science. Put succinctly, the man simply doesn't know what he's talking about. But Gore is now advising the world on complex technical issues related to energy and climate. That's a problem for the human race.As described in my book, Science and Technology in World History, Vol. 1, what we know as modern science began in ancient Greece in the 6th century B.C. The Greek philosophers embraced intellectual freedom, open discussion, and critical analysis. Pupils were not only allowed to question and criticize their teachers, but they were encouraged to do so. Debate was elevated by Plato and his students to the science of dialectic. In the Platonic Dialogue Timaeus, it is noted that anyone who can present a better plan "shall carry off the palm, not...(Read Full Article)