Tea Parties and Racism

Get used to it, Tea Partiers: You are going to be called racists. A Google search on "racism tea parties" gets 190,000 hits. Fortunately, I am a self-appointed one-man rescue squad to help beleaguered Tea Partiers fight back. Having written about "racism" for over two decades (this, for example) while being regularly vilified for my racial views, I can speak with some authority on being smeared.   Fighting back begins with understanding how this accusation is manufactured -- and "manufactured" is the correct word.First, today's Left sees racism as a mental condition independent of behavior. Perhaps this reflects the sharp decline of overt discrimination. One may volunteer daily to help AIDS-infected African-Americans, but this is no defense. Thinking bad thoughts about the AIDS patients receiving your assistance settles the matter.Two, racism is often indiscernible to the alleged racist. The parallel is unknowingly carrying a lethal genetic...(Read Full Article)