Of Semites and Semantics

For a blatant display of Jew-hatred on a public university campus, this month's award goes to Jumanah Imad Albahri of the Muslim Students' Association at UC San Diego. The punchline of Albahri's exchange with David Horowitz during his guest lecture does leave one gasping...unless, of course, you are someone who responds to the topic of Jewish genocide with "for it." The UCSD Muslim Students' Association, a graduate student/instructor who had Albahri in a class, and Albahri herself, quickly posted responses, apparently attempting to explain away the conversation that is visible and audible on YouTube. These postings are revealing. In various ways, all three statements ask us to not hear what we have heard, not see what we have seen.  They direct our attention away from the event to the claim that there is a "smear campaign" against Albahri, to the MSA's stand "for justice," to the assertion that the student is "for peace" and that her...(Read Full Article)