Obama Space

Like the proverbial stuck clock, Barack Obama occasionally gets something right. To my shock, I find myself wholeheartedly supporting the Obama administration's approach to manned space flight because it privatizes manned space flight, removing it from the command and control, centrally planned, and government-controlled activity it has been for nearly fifty years.Why are they doing this? I haven't a clue. The real disappointment is that they choose to decentralize and privatize manned space flight while doing everything humanly possible to take over and control the rest of the American economy. My guess is that the $19-billion NASA budget is not large enough to warrant their interest and that most of the manned space flight activities are conducted in "Red States." As space writer Rand Simberg noted recently (and I am paraphrasing), "Hope they don't take interest in what is going on."A short history of manned space flight is in order. NASA was conceived and...(Read Full Article)