Media Demands, 'Take Us to Your Leader, Sarah Palin!'

Is Sarah Palin the leader of the Tea Party Movement? This is asked as a "gotcha" question by the liberal mainstream media of every spokesperson of the Tea Party Movement. The liberal mainstream media is so far out of touch with the majority of Americans that their rationale is that if they can get tea-partiers to say a wacko like Palin is their leader, then it will confirm that the movement is nothing more than a bunch of extremist fringe loonies. In their arrogant, elitist, bi-coastal, ACLU-joining, New York Times-reading, and "smarter than common Americans" minds, the liberal mainstream media cannot grasp the concept that Sarah Palin is the voice of most Americans. Thus Tea Party patriots' great love and admiration for her. Palin is the conservative voice America has been waiting for. Palin boldly speaks out against political correctness and stands up for conservative principles and values. Not since Ronald Reagan has a politician so unapologetically championed...(Read Full Article)