Malevolent Neglect

Much has been written about the substandard care and appalling conditions that led to the premature deaths of as many as 1,200 people at Stafford Hospital in England. As the story unfolds, it appears that the government's insistence that this was an isolated circumstance, not indicative of the National Health Service (NHS) as a whole, is a pitiful excuse bordering on criminality.The British Health Department recently commissioned a series of independent inquiries into the quality and safety of care in the NHS. Completed and presented to the department in the summer of 2009, the reports were withheld from the public until a London-based think-tank forced their release. The bombshell reports put the lie to the government's claim that the deadly scandals of Mid-Staffordshire and numerous other hospitals were aberrations in an otherwise splendid system.Obsession with targets and not care, flawed systems of self assessment, a culture of blame and fear and most of all patients at the bottom...(Read Full Article)