How the Dominoes Fell

Declaring the Vietnam War a just and necessary American war these days is about the equivalent of suggesting that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were humanitarians. So seared into American consciousness is antipathy to that conflict and its needless loss of life that it has all but obscured the original purposes for which the United States consigned itself to defend freedom in Indo-China in the first place.By the time the tanks of the People's Army of Vietnam smashed through the gates of Saigon's Presidential Place on April 30, 1975, America had already long before given up the fight to save Vietnam. Earlier in April, President Gerald Ford had urged Congress to provide aerial support for the retreating ARVN -- the South Vietnamese armed forces -- only to be rebuffed by a war-weary and Democrat-controlled House. Ford himself closed the books on the conflict when he announced on April 23...(Read Full Article)