Embracing Iran

Flynt Leverett and his wife Hillary Mann Leverett, both former officials of the National Security Council, are prominent advocates for appeasing Iran, a case they make in a steady stream of articles, public appearances, and postings on their website, raceforiran.com. He has a perch at the New America Foundation and teaches at Penn State; she is CEO of SRATEGA, an energy and political risk consulting firm, and is a fellow at Yale's new Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.After leaving the Bush administration in 2003, the Leveretts utilized their talent for self-promotion to sell the myth that the Iranian government had made a sterling peace offer that was heedlessly spurned by the incompetent, warmongering neo-cons. This line was eagerly embraced by Bush-hating media, who made the Leveretts minor celebrities and launched their post-government careers. The prop they brandished in their drama was the "Guldimann fax" received by the State Department in May 2003.In the...(Read Full Article)