Duty, Honor, and Other Countries

Imagine -- graduating from an influential military academy. Graduation Day comes, and America's finest are forced to respectfully endure oratory drivel, spoken by a left-wing radical loosely disguised as a president. That is exactly what West Point cadets were subjected to at the 2010 commencement address delivered by Barack Obama. Elite American soldiers/scholars were informed by the Commander-in-Chief that defending America is now on par with the advancement of Obama's unique vision for "international order."The president said, You have pushed yourself through the agony of Beast Barracks; the weeks of training in rain and mud; and, I am told, more inspections and drills than perhaps any class before you. Along the way, I'm sure you faced moments when you asked yourself: "What am I doing here?"  Based on the cadets' lackluster response to the keynote speaker, the question should have been posed to Obama: "No, what are you doing here?"Barack's...(Read Full Article)