Demonstrations and Dependency

Recent riot-like street demonstrations in Greece reflect more than comeuppance for profligacy; these outbursts illustrate today's flight from personal responsibility. It is as if Greeks are saying "let's assemble sufficient numbers of agitated people to 'make our voices heard,' and government will surely make us healthy, wealthy, and wise." In the final analysis, these rioters accomplish nothing positive beyond beseeching a largely powerless government for top-down rescues from thousands of ill-advised personal choices. And, of the utmost importance, such beseeching has become the norm in the West, a response that hearkens back to when the desperate populace prayed for divine rescues.  Raucous public protests are hardly new, but their celebration, at least in the U.S., is traceable to the 1960s anti-Vietnam War student activism and the civil rights movement. Marching and chanting "for justice" soon infused civics textbooks and documentary films, not to mention...(Read Full Article)