Dancing with the Devil: David Cameron's Path to Power

We Brits have a new Prime Minister, but conservatives are muted in their celebrations. Over the last week we have watched our beloved party dance with the devil and form a formal coalition with the Liberal Democrats -- the most left-wing party ever to approach government, and a party who will prevent the new coalition from doing anything remotely conservative.The election should have been easy for the Conservative Party. Gordon Brown was one of the most unpopular Prime Ministers of all time. Labour had allowed and encouraged complete social meltdown, an unwieldy welfare state, and out-of-control immigration, not to mention handed huge chunks of power to the socialist European Union and wrecked the economy.There has been a British tradition since the rise of the Labour party during the war years, and it is unwritten and often unspoken -- much like our constitution. The tradition goes that Labour sweep into power on fantastical left-wing promises, such as compassionate policing and huge...(Read Full Article)