American Fossil Fuels: The New Alternative Energy Source

The explosion of the Gulf oil platform this past week is a useful crisis for those advocates who hope to further restrict and prevent the extraction of fossil fuels in the United States. The recent coal mining accident in Virginia is another opportunity to shut down vital energy extraction activities in the United States. Fossil fuel extraction in the United States remains a vital and most useful opportunity for solving a wide range of human problems around the world for a number of reasons:1. The U.S. has an abundance of fossil fuels. Most Americans are surprised to find out that the two largest suppliers of oil to the United States are Canada and Mexico. Each nation draws billions of dollars in economic activity from the United States to provide these vast supplies. Is it not logical to conclude that the United States, lodged between these two massive suppliers, has resources of its own that remain untapped? Of the three major fossil fuels, the United States is in the top ten of two...(Read Full Article)