A Gathering of Wolves

When Bill Clinton's administration acted in 1995 and 1996 to deliberately reintroduce wolves into the 2.2-million-acre Yellowstone National Park, there were the predictable jokes about Clinton's wolf-whistling in the Oval Office. How could you get sympathy from Clinton, ranchers and Western cattlemen groused -- he's a wolf himself! Other bitter, politically incorrect jokes appeared on bumper stickers: "Smoke a pack a day" was the legend, with a picture of a wolf. It was and is a serious issue. Environmentalists strongly believe that the hunting of wolves to extinction that occurred in America has seriously unbalanced our ecology in the Western lands. By the 1930s, gray wolves were virtually unknown in the West. Whether wolves constitute a danger to humans has been debated endlessly. Environmentalists repeated the claim that there are no documented cases of a human being killed by wolves in North America. In 2005, Kenton Carnegie, 22, an Ontario university student, was killed...(Read Full Article)