When Will They Take Us Seriously?

When voters attending a Tea Party are surveyed about their top concerns, the answers will be emphatic and varied: unemployment at almost ten percent with no decline in sight. An $800-billion-plus stimulus bill that has accomplished absolutely nothing. Iran well on its way to a nuclear bomb. Skyrocketing debt. A state immigration law which mirrors federal law, yet which President Obama says is "misguided" and threatens "basic notions of fairness." As a nurse, my number-one issue is, of course, the Democrats' comprehensive health care reform, passed by legislative sleight-of-hand on a party-line vote. For others, it could be trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. Cap-and-trade legislation that will cripple the economy even further with skyrocketing energy costs. Terrorist trials being held in New York. An American foreign policy that consists mainly of apologies. Predictions that a VAT is coming. The federal government running car companies, the...(Read Full Article)