Two American Idols Give Back

Based on Simon Cowell's snarky, acerbic wit, it's hard to imagine the "American Idol" judge being enamored of anyone, let alone a pitchy American amateur like Barack Obama. So it was a surprise to find out that the two men are equally enthralled with each other. It appears that Simon tried to get Obama to do a show, and Obama requested a dinner date with the cheeky Cowell. Two superstars supping and sharing -- one a judge, the other an American deity who Simon Cowell apparently believes is "a really cool guy."   What in the world would these two diametrically dissimilar chaps discuss over dinner?It appears that the answer may have nothing to do with Cowell sleeping over in the Lincoln bedroom, or Barry convincing Simon that he should be given an opportunity to do a guest spot on Idol. Quite the contrary: Cowell needs something from Obama, and Obama always seeks something from everyone.Apparently, Simon Cowell is chief executive officer of International...(Read Full Article)