The Man in the Watchtower

Some years ago, my sister wrote from Milwaukee to tell me that Lauren, the daughter of a friend of hers, was going to be interning for the summer in Washington and asked if I might look after her. The girl is a brilliant mathematician, and the program offered her housing, so she spent a very short time with us. But the following summer, after her freshman year in college where she was a classmate of my son's, she stayed with us while enrolled in another program at NSA.We corresponded from time to time with her and her parents. Lauren, today a scientist of note, is now married with three children and living in Texas. One sister lives in San Francisco; another is finishing college. Her parents, both professors, remain in Milwaukee. After her parents bought a new, larger home in Milwaukee, her mother kept inviting us to visit and stay with them. This summer, back there for my fiftieth high school reunion, I stayed with my sister but visited Lauren's parents.Their home was breathtakingly...(Read Full Article)