The Coming British Non-Election

A British election is set for May 6. So, will socialist Labour win a fourth term? Or will the Tory chap with a wind turbine on his house blow away the current bunch? And what difference will it all make in the grander U.N.-sponsored global "I want to work with children and achieve world peace" scheme? The Obama-esque question for Brits is surely "Are you ready for 'change'?" The simple answer is "No, not at all." Small chance when all three parties are Europhile shades of greenie liberals.  Should our erstwhile allies across the pond be so minded as to get excited about possible "change" in the U.K., with "Cameron Conservatives" ousting Gordon Brown's three-term Labourite socialists, then cool it. Musical chairs among like-minded children never made an impact on grown-up life, and musical chairs with political pygmies has much the same effect. Unless, of course, you are the one left out in the cold. But enough of Al Gore (with the...(Read Full Article)