Obama's Kyrgyzstan Disaster

The irony was truly spectacular, reaching that special level that only matters involving neo-Soviet Russia and U.S. President Barack Obama can attain.On the very same day that the Miami Herald quoted an anonymous "senior Obama administration official" praising Obama's victory in "resetting" relations with Russia ("for many years we were trying to kill each other, and now they are allowing our troops to go through their country for battle," he intoned), a bloody, apparently Russia-inspired coup was ousting the pro-U.S. regime from Kyrgyzstan, a key U.S. base in that "battle."Last summer, it looked like the Obama administration had scored a significant victory in Kyrgyzstan. The Putin regime in Moscow dropped a $2-billion bundle of cash on the tiny country as a bribe to induce it to refuse to renew the U.S. government lease on a military base at the Manas airport outside the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek. Manas is a key staging area for the battle in...(Read Full Article)