ObamaCare's Economic Dominoes

Now that health care reform in the shabby disguise of ObamaCare has been crammed through Congress, a peek at the president's precariously stacked dominoes confirms that sooner than you may suppose, there won't be any private companies selling health insurance in America. Consider: There are approximately 1,300 insurance companies in America today.  Beginning January 1, 2011, these companies will be required to pay out 85% of all premiums collected as direct medical care, leaving 15% of corporate income to fund operations and yield any potential profit.  The health care industry has a profit margin of about 3%. Most American businesses rely on securing annual profits of 8% to 10%. American oil companies operate on about 4% profit. Alcoholic beverage sales net annual profits of 26%.To maintain even slim profitability or cash reserves, insurers will be compelled to run austerely.  Why?Among numerous regulations implemented immediately, ObamaCare cannot deny children with...(Read Full Article)