No Free Speech about Leaving Islam?

Advertising on taxpayer-funded transit has become the latest free speech battleground -- and the cause of freedom has just won a significant victory. The Council on American-Islamic Relations tried to defeat free speech in Miami, with the lapdog media on its side, and was just handed a major defeat. The case revolves around these two bus ads: Miami-Dade Transit says NO!Offensive to Muslims!Miami-Dade Transit says YES! Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad as Muslim prophets -- not offensive to Jews and Christians!Stop Islamization Of America and the Freedom Defense Initiative, the new organization I have begun with bestselling author and Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer, began our pro-freedom "Leaving Islam" ad campaign on Miami buses last Tuesday. We ran the top ad on Miami buses. But on Friday, after CAIR complained, Miami-Dade Transit pulled the ads, despite the fact that they ran the second ad pictured above last year with no problem. The lapdog media was...(Read Full Article)