Leaving Liberalism

With the classroom lights down low, our teacher Julie asked, "Feel that?"I looked at my empty hands and, echoing the class, I responded, "Oh...yeah."Julie whispered, "Move your hands closer together. Feels like you're squishing a ball."Yep, an invisible purple ball. Assuming the I-know-this-to-be-true look common to enlightened teachers in enlightened schools, Julie informed us that we were sensing the "body's natural energy." We partnered with other students to feel their energy.A very pleasant female student took an enthusiastic approach, and I felt energized. A guy sporting ear, nose, and lip rings headed my way, and my energy vanished.By the end of the "Polarity Therapy" course, most students swore that they'd learned to detect people's energy with hand gestures resembling a priest giving absolution. Never did I experience anything that I couldn't explain. But people believe what people want to believe. Weak correlations prompt...(Read Full Article)