It's the Constitution that's Radicalizing Our Politicians

It is likely that conservatives will fail to understand why health care "reform" became law, and they are likely to fail if they start any post-mortem by accepting the conventional wisdom's realist premise: 1) Two election cycles produced a critical mass of radicals in the legislative and executive branches of government. 2) The personalities of those in the elected majority were more dynamic and compelling than those in the minority. And 3) the tactics employed by the majority prevailed over those with less adequate tools at their disposal.  Without challenging the premises, conservative analysis so far has asserted the only conclusions it could: Elect more conservatives, recruit more vibrant leaders, and become more ruthless in the application of power when it is obtained. These are the strategies of populist radicals, and commentators have suggested that conservatives should and can beat the radicals at their own game. However, given the prevailing cultural and...(Read Full Article)